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Maureen Capistran was a Boston area go-getter with little interest in God. Her primary focus was her success in the world of real estate. Without warning her life began to change in 1989 when she started experiencing bizarre occurrences and manifestations which she learned later were demonic attacks. She was plagued with these disturbances for seven years. Little did she realize at the time, she had been chosen by God for a specific purpose. God revealed that her mission was to help souls return to Him if she decided to accept. She had to shift her priority from money to God. This was fraught with many tears and much frustration until she was willing to detach herself from the material world and embrace the importance of God’s Love.

She was then directed to the gifted Xaverian priest, Fr. Aniello Salicone, SX. who became her spiritual director. Eventually she assisted him with his ministry. After three years of Heavenly training, God the Father gave her many gifts including, healing, knowledge, and discernment to guide her in the mission He had planned for her life. He also gave her the grace to see and hear Jesus, the Blessed Mother and Archangel Michael. Later she was guided to help children who suffered from cancer as a volunteer for 10 years. After this, she volunteered for seven years with the LaSalette healing priest Fr. Joseph Whalen, MS and assisted him in his St. Raphael Healing Ministry.

She has spent over 20 years in service to Heaven using these gifts helping people in need.

She continues with her talks and healing services which you can access on the schedule page.

“Heaven’s Helper My Little Star” is her own straightforward, down to earth story. Simple yet profound this book answers questions we all ask from the afterlife, death of loved ones to pets. This book gives a true perspective of our life’s purpose here on earth and what God expects of us, and what He would like us to know and understand to advance in our spiritual journey on earth.

“Heaven’s Helper My Little Star” is available through AMAZON .