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I’d like to share my story with others about My illness and my miraculous recovery.

April 5, 2023,  I went to a local Emergency Room and subsequently admitted; diagnosed with Stage 3 Hypertension and Internal Carotid Artery Occlusion, probable dissection of the right ICA.   There was minimal, to no blood flow within my Right Carotid Artery. Essentially, my Carotid Artery is nearly blocked or is blocked and the Carotid Artery was tearing apart as well.  An Ultrasound was scheduled to be performed on May 17, 2023 to determine the severity of my illness.  But the ER nurse repeated her concerns of the seriousness of my overall condition.  
Prior to May 17, 2023,  I met up with a dear friend who provided me with guidance and encouragement.   Amongst many things, she suggested the following: Fully accepting and listening to the Surrender Novena, praying to and using the Archangel St Raphael Holy Healing Oil, and attending the monthly prayer/ healing service at St Gabriel the Archangel Parish in Upton, Massachusetts, on May 11, 2023. Fr Larry Brault led the service; along with Maureen Capistran, author of Heaven’s Helper My Little Star, who  administers help to those present by addressing their concerns and if God willing, heal them from there illnesses.    
It’s my belief that God chooses to use certain methods, such as Archangel St Raphael Holy Oil and Maureen, to help heal those that ask for HIS help. Years ago, It became known to me that Maureen possessed the grace to hear and see Jesus, Mother Mary and Archangel Michael. Amongst some of her gifts that God gave Maureen, was the gift of knowledge;  When she prays over a person, Maureen will only relay to us, the exact message given to her from Jesus, Mother Mary; or in my case, Archangel Michael.    
At one point during the healing service, I approached Maureen and I briefly explained to her my condition and was searching for help. Maureen prayed over me and her response was quick and simply stated, “you will be ok”  … I felt a warming and tingling sensation throughout my body at this moment. I knew there was a spiritual connection present. We continued to hold hands and before I walked away from Maureen, she said, “ You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.”
My daily prayers, Surrender Novena and administration of St Raphael Holy Healing Oil continued thru the following days.  
Six days later, on May 17, 2023, my scheduled ultrasound appointment was performed.  During the appointment, the technician began her examination on the right side of my neck. She was very quiet and after a few minutes she asked, “It’s the right carotid artery that has drawn concern, right?”   I replied that she was correct.  Her response was, “…Because I’m not seeing anything abnormal.”  She completed her examination on the left carotid artery and repeated the procedure to the right carotid artery again.    
The technician asked for me to review the imaging with her.  As the technician moved to different points on the images, she saw no abnormalities and nearly 100% blood flowing thru the right artery and perhaps a speck of plaque that wouldn’t cause the least of concern. The technician said that the Vascular Surgeon would be reviewing this imaging and would consult with me the following week.
On May 23, 2023, I met with the Vascular Surgeon and she said my Right Carotid artery was perfectly normal and seemed to have healed on its own.  Aside from the baby aspirin I was prescribed, there was no other medical explanation as to how my carotid artery healed completely.There’s no follow ups or cause for concern. 
My headaches are nonexistent, my blood pressure is back to normal and my Carotid Arteries are functioning properly.I know that in my heart, God directed me to attend the prayer / healing service, pray to St Raphael The Archangel for intercessions, using the Holy Healing Oil as a vessel
to heal; as well as my life to intersect with Maureen on that night; God used all these instruments to miraculously heal me from this potential life-threatening disease.                              Russel Poissant

After reviewing CT and MRI scans on April 5, 2023,  the above indicates my diagnosis and condition at that time.

The above image reflects the condition and findings presented in the Ultrasound on May 17, 2023
Summer of 2022

A bilocation was reported following the healing service at St. Gabriel’s in Upton, Massachusetts.  The instance involved Jean Lawler, an officer in the Serra Club in the Worcester Diocese, which promotes and supports priestly vocations. Jean attended Sunday Mass at Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary a few times this past year. Jean came to the healing service  seeking graces for her friend David, a former Worcester seminarian who is now pursuing a doctorate in his native Colombia.  The day after the healing service, David reported to Jean that her new friend (Maureen) appeared to him in Colombia.  He described Maureen’s physical characteristics, including the attire that she wore at the healing service.  David stated that Maureen asked him, “Do you love her?” (meaning The Blessed Mother)  Deacon Stephen Mullaney


Mary Ann Harold of Medford, MA founder of the national organization Prayers for Life, and a backer of the EWTN radio affiliate 89.3 WQPH-FM in Shirley-Fitchburg was driving to MASS General Hospital in Boston to be with her husband who was in ICU with severe complications due to a heart attack. Mary Ann said:  “As I was driving in to see my husband I was very anxious and thinking ‘I wish Maureen (Capistran) was with me’. As I was walking down the hall to the ICU unit from a distance I saw a woman, I recognized who it was by her hair, it was Maureen! As I approached I noticed chairs opposite my husband’s room, Maureen was sitting in one of the chairs. I was so surprised but as I approached Maureen disappeared into thin air. Upon reflection, I believe Maureen must have bilocated there to give me strength and comfort in this dire situation.
July 2022